Hypno-Band Weightloss 

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Gastic Band Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Cognitive therapy combined is an excellent way to lose weight and feel better about yourself. I have seen many clients because they were unhappy with their size. Perhaps the weight has slowly crept up over the years or maybe there has been a more sudden weight gain. Maybe they had tried numerous diets and failed, maybe they just felt out of control of their eating.

Whatever their experience, they had decided now is the time to take some serious and successful action!

As a licensed practitioner of Hypno-Band, the world’s number one Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system, I have helped numerous clients achieve their desire to lose weight and take back control of their eating.

The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System gives you all the advantages of a real gastric band, but with the surgery or the costs!

What if you could have all the benefits of a surgical gastric band without the surgery or cost?

  • Well now you can!
  • No invasive surgery
  • No fears about having surgery
  • No discomfort
  • Low cost option
  • No time off work
  • No complications
gastric band hypnotherapy

What clients say about Ruth Watson & the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

Local lady Elizabeth Russell went to see Ruth Watson a Norfolk based professional hypnotherapist and Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner.
“I was depressed, feeling fat and ugly, weighing 21 stone 12 pounds. My fiftieth birthday was coming up and I had decided this was my last shot ever at trying to lose weight. I have so many health problems that did not help, and take a lot of medication.
I explained everything to Ruth and by the end of the session, I felt like I had known her all my life. She agreed to help me and the following week my treatment started.
I started losing weight immediately even though the band was not fitted until the third session. There is a break between third and fourth session and I had lost about a stone or more when I went back. My eating habits have changed so much! Before my treatment, I would have eaten no breakfast, a pasty, pie and chips with bread and butter, then for supper, 2 cream cakes and some chocolate. Now I start the day with a small amount of fruit and fibre, with grapes and strawberries. For my lunch, a small ham and pickle or jam sandwich on wholemeal bread. Then my dinner is one mini chicken fillet, some vegetables and half a jacket potato. Then for my supper, I have a banana with a mullerlite yoghurt’s.
My dinner plate is now a side plate. I cannot face anymore food than that. I sit and eat at the table now, whereas I used to have my plate on my knee, watching TV.

TV is banned at meal times now. I only broke the rules once, and wow did I pay for it!!! The pains in my stomach were horrendous!!! I did not do that again!
During the last eight months, the weight has dropped off me. Keeping up with clothes has been the hardest thing. I have bought a couple of things and when I came to wear them, they fell off me!!!! Not that I am complaining!!!  I could actually see the weight going. People started to notice and comment, and the more they did, the more my confidence soared. I feel like a new woman.
So far I have lost six stone eight pounds. The loss has settled down to one, one and a half pounds a week now. I would like to lose another stone. Christmas I will be there.
This has been an amazing experience. I will be forever grateful to Ruth. I have spent a fortune going to Slimming World and Weight Watchers and buying the diet books and calculator’s and special foods and I have done fad diets and used pills from the doctor. I have not been able to lose more than 3 stone before putting it back on. I never changed my eating habits before. Now I have and my stomach has shrunk. I have no desire for chocolate or cream cakes or pies and chips.

The weight will never go on again!!”

How does the Hypno-Band therapy work?

Using the latest techniques we create a state of mind where you will believe you actually have a gastric band fitted! You will eat smaller portions and feel full. Over 5 sessions Ruth will take you through the total process of having a gastric band fitted.

By using hypnosis suggestion therapy and visualisation combined with unique “changing limiting beliefs therapy” your mind is convinced that you have a gastric band; your stomach has become smaller; that you need less food and you feel full. By eating fewer portions less often you will achieve significant weight loss. This successful therapy enables you to achieve your ideal weight and stay there!


Does it hurt?

No – on the contrary! The Hypno-Band procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable.

Are there any side effects?

No. There are no side effects with this therapy.

Is it safe?

Yes – The therapy is completely safe.

Will I be under the therapist’s control?

Never. No Hypnotherapist can ever make you do anything you do not wish to do.

Am I suitable for the therapy?

 If you are overweight and are really committed to losing weight then you should be suitable. If you are taking certain medication or having particular treatment then authorisation from your doctor may be required

Will it work for me?

The key is you! You must be committed to losing weight, be prepared to comply with the programme then the Successful Hypno-Band will certainly work for you.

How much will it cost?

The complete therapy lasts for 4 sessions spread over a number of weeks. The cost is £450

What is the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System?

This revolutionary weight loss system is the original complete gastric band hypnotherapy system. There are over 170 clinics in 9 countries helping clients to lose weight and achieve their long term health targets.

How do I find out more?

Contact me – t: 07919 418815 e: – to arrange a free informal consultation where all your questions will be answered. You will be under no obligation to proceed.