Feeling confident about ourselves & having good self esteem is fundamental to our well being.

Sometimes you have an idea about why you lack confidence and the reasons behind your low self esteem.  This can range from feeling that you hold deep rooted frequent criticism from adults as a child, a traumatic experience, being humiliated in a public, or habitually beating yourself. up.

Whatever the reason, and whether you think you know, or if you have no idea at all what causes these feelings of low self confidence, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help to eliminate negative thought patterns and beliefs about yourself, resulting in strong self confidence and a healthy sense of self esteem.

People who lack confidence often report some or all of the following:

  • Little sense of faith in your own abilities
  • Consistently suffer from a lack of self esteem
  • Difficulty holding down relationships
  • Difficulty holding down a job
  • Difficulty maintaining family ties
  • Difficulties getting into conversation
  • Preferring to taking a back seat, or staying in the background
  • Can’t ‘join in’
  • Inability to voice opinions
  • Afraid of job interviews
  • Unwilling to go to parties or family gatherings
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Feeling judged by others or feeling self conscious

A lack of confidence and low self esteem can have a dramatic impact on your life, and you could find yourself being left behind as your friends and family pursue successful careers and long term relationships. Life can become very secluded and lonely.

If you’re giving yourself a hard time by inwardly criticising yourself, or if other people – strangers, work colleagues, fellow students and even loved ones – seem to constantly knock your confidence or put you down then perhaps its about time for change?

Therapy for Confidence Problems

The choice of therapy to help your Confidence Problem is going to depend on just how much the problem is affecting your day-to-day life, and also how long you have been suffering from the problem.
Ruth Watson is able to offer three principle techniques for helping you to resolve your issues:

Clinical Hypnosis for Confidence Problems

If your issue is “relatively” minor and only affects you now and again, then you may have found that you have been able to tolerate the feelings that you have experienced. In these circumstances I would normally recommend just one or two sessions of Clinical Hypnosis (Suggestion Therapy) as this particular technique has an excellent track record in these cases.

Cognitive Processing and Integration Therapy for Confidence Problems

If your particular Confidence issues are more significant and they are having a seriously disruptive effect on your life, then you may wish to consider a technique such as Cognitive Processing & Integration Therapy. This type of therapy can help you to re-process any past situation that may have become “blocked” in your mind leading to a more permanent resolution. Normally CPI takes place over a number of sessions.

The Mindfulness and More Programme for Confidence

The very latest, and perhaps most effective way to deal with confidence issues is to follow a course of the Mindfulness and More Programme. This Mind Therapy technique helps you to really understand how your “beliefs” have contributed to the way that you feel and in doing so, teaches you how to take control of your thinking and really change the way you “see the world.” This approach utilises a research-backed applied course of Psychology combined with Mindfulness and has been producing excellent results.
Ruth offers both group sessions and one-to-one sessions for this programme.